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moosetwinkle handmade original greeting cards all occasion

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Moose Twinkle Cards
by Charlene Bodero
20 North Meadow Lane
Meriden, CT 06450
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Pet Treats

Pet Treats
Twinkle's puppies Zip and Bindi (note Zip's likeness is on the coaster in pix) wanted to share their favorite snacks with other babies. So here are the first in the line of pet treats.

NOTE: Since Twinkles babies are spoiled children, all the recipes were highly researched, are hand made and tested by a marketing group of personal pet friends. They have even been taste tested by Twinkle herself.

All ingredients are "organic" and made with the love only a dog owner knows. All the grains are purchased from Red Mills with no foreign or unknown substitutes.

Hope you enjoy these special "treats".

Cheesee Circle Swirls
Dog Treats, Itty Bitty
Dog Treats, Peanut Butter
Cheesee Circle Swirls

Dog Treats, Itty Bitty

Dog Treats, Peanut Butter



Tattered Angels

Tattered Angels
Twinkle as a new line, and so far its successful. Tattered angels were originally designed to hang on a holiday tree but so many people are buying them for new born babies as well as to give to the family of a loved one that has passed on and become an angel. Stand ext. 6" high and wings to 5" high, all hand cut and and hand sewen with Swarovski crystals at hem. Red head, brunette, black or blonde hair. Perfect gift for all.

Cancer, Heartfelt Quilted Hearts
Cancer, Heartfelt Quilted Hearts - Cancer card
Cancer, Heartfelt
Cancer, Heartfelt - cancer card, golden butterfly
Cancer Sympathy Card
Cancer Sympathy Card - Sympathy card for Child
Heart Full of Love
Heart Full of Love - Sympathy Heart Card
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